Work and Welth

Of of the larger areas explored within the work and wealth section was the ever increasing addition of automation to work and daily life. This area has large ties to cyber security, especially on the user end. One such example can be shown through the Jeep Cherokee released 4 years ago. This vehicle could be hacked remotely, which could lead the user to lose control of systems as vital as braking and acceleration . This has a fair amount of connections to user cyber security, whether it be the software engineers that designed how the car operates or the consumer that is unknowingly purchasing a vehicle with such dangerous implications. Another interesting area this is involved in is the idea of automating more cyber security processes. The idea expressed with this is that due to the heavy automation used in some cyberattacks, the best way to fight this is more heavily automated cybersecurity. This can be used for processes such as correlating data, generating protections faster than attacks can spread along with implementing them, and detecting infections already present in the network . Though user cybersecurity is not tied as directly to topics covered in this section compared to previous sections, it is still prevalent enough.