Media Study

Watch Dogs Franchise

In this universe every device is connected on the same security network in two major cities, whether it be the city’s infrastructure or something as simple as a citizen’s smartphone or television. The main idea around the game this universe is displayed in is that there are several individuals and organizations that are able to use this system to gain any information from the mentioned devices along with controlling them remotely. Due to this vulnerability, any user’s information can be obtained along with some financial information. The criminal implications of such a vulnerability is obvious and is one of the main themes explored in the two games. One action frequented by most players is taking funds from the accounts of npcs around the world to fund their endeavours. Obviously such systems are not in place and their methods of “hacking” are not possible, though an individual’s information can easily be obtained should a database be hacked or if a user mistakenly does something that would lead to their important information being released. However, when it comes to more well known personal information the ideas mentioned in the universe are not too far fetched due to the incredible amount of information available on a person from basic google searches with certain keywords. Additionally, banking or credit card information can easily be obtained through scams, especially with phishing attacks that are able to access companys’ databases. Though the actions the player can perform in the game franchise’s universe seem impossible, there are many which can be done through other means and obtain the same result.