In the current state of online security there are numerous ways in which criminals can take advantage of other users. One such example can be seen through actions such as catfishing. A survey in 2018 had found that 43% of the surveyed male individuals had been catfished. Not only were a large amount individuals catfished, by 20% had also sent money to those that had been catfishing them . Due to the inability for users to find the true identity of other users online and practically relying on the honor system, such an action frequently occurs. Similar actions occur with phishing scams. This is another scam which relies off of the individual(s) being taken advantage of not being made aware of the true identity of the person that is contacting them. Phishing is also a technique used to gather large amounts of information from companies. Afterall, 90% of data breaches in 2019 were due to phishing scams, with the average cost of a financial breach being around 3.6 million dollars. This is especially troublesome when companies are often targeted by phishing attacks, with 76% of companies reporting of being a victim of a phishing attack in the last year alone . This shows how extensive of an issue this is, especially in the area of web security. Enough security is put in place to not know the true identity of a scammer, yet at the same time there is not always enough security to prevent them from accessing databases after a computer connected to a company’s network becomes compromised. Scams in general are an issue that demands more attention, another such resource that can show this as a significant widespread issue is the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC). They have posted statistics of reported scams that have occured between January 1st of 2019 to August 31st of 2019. In this small time alone, 118,451 scams have been reported that have generated a total loss of $95,650,063. Phishing also is shown as a frequently used method as it is the most reported scam, with 16,082 incidents being reported so far . Such an incredible amount of scams taking place along with the vast amount of capital lost through them demands action be taken to prevent such scams.