Errors, Failures, and Risks

Software reliability is a huge issue in cyber security. Errors that may not inhibit performance, and therefore go unnoticed, can leave openings for hackers to exploit the system and gain access. Errors that constitute safety risks rather than performance risks require that the programmer is aware of exploitation techniques to find and fix. Without proper education in the field of cyber security these errors easily go under the radar of even experienced programmers and threaten the safety of the users. Only about 24% of university students were required to complete a class in cybersecurity to graduate. WPI itself does not specifically require that a cybersecurity course is taken. Around 86% of employees surveyed felt their companies did not train the employees adequately in the field of security. We believe that cybersecurity is a core concept in programming, and should be handled at the schooling level, rather than being a workplace training, as good habits in coded need to be built up in order to create safe and secure code.